Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ulema Train - Laloo's Green Engine

Mullahs protest Azamgarh terror arrests, courtesy UPA
By Anand Mishra 'Abhay'

Green Engine: Aazami Train: Pro-Pakistan Passengers

On January 29, people were rather curious to see a railway train being pulled by a 'Green Engine', compartments packed with skull capped youngmen lead by bearded mullahs. Later it was revealed that this special train was going to Delhi to hold a protest rally against the law and order maintaining forces who had killed two Indian mujahideens in an encounter at Batla House in Jamia Nagar, Delhi. Perhaps to paint the engine green for this 'Ulema Express' was to show Railway Minister's sympathy with those mujahideens. From any point of view this scene was totally anti-national and pro-Pakistan. To pamper such traitorous rallies is not only a pity but a shame for the government and the Railway Ministry lead by a person who is more of a clown than a minister. What a paradox! On one side the government honours those who sacrificed their life to make the nation secure and on the other hand the same government facilitates those who are openly patronising traitors. Just see the humour, while late Police Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma sacrificed his life for the cause of the nation, a demand for an inquiry to create doubts about his bonafides is being shamelessly supported by the government. Is it not a dishonour to 'Shaurya Chakra' awarded to that police officer of repute for his integrity and dutifulness?

A correspondent of Hindi daily Amar Ujala who had boarded this train at Lucknow who was dropped at Kanpur. His narration speaks much more than published in his paper. The special passengers were well trained and disciplined. The correspondent was questioned how he managed to board this special train. But a monitor like leader saved him from further questioning ordering him to hang a travelling pass of 'Ulema Express' around his neck. The correspondent saw that cautions were given by whistle. A long whistle meant to reach one's seat as the train is going to move, two short whistles meant that there is some unknown outsider inside the train, three whistles meant stop walking to and fro from one compartment to another. A loud speaker was also being used for instructions. The correspondent was entertained by a piece of Gur (jaggery) and mineral water. A youngman named Suhel questioned the correspondent: "Look at this train, are we terrorists? We are terrorised by Israel (i.e. ATS)." Passengers were talking to one another but no one was allowed to talk to that correspondent. Even CRP personnel on duty were not allowed to board the train. Any how they managed to enter the train in under to perform their duty.

A statement of Shabana Azmi a shrewd communalist in her very marrow has warned the government that the anger of innocent Muslims can prove very dangerous, just to hide the fact that Azamgarh and the area around has become a den of ISI agents and pro-Pakistani elements.

One should ask what sort of government is this? Does it deserve to be called a government. Perhaps India is the only country where the government has forgotten to govern. It's main concern is to garner maximum number of Muslim votes and for that it can go to any limit. Has this government not become a curse for the country and the nation? The pity is that while anti-national forces especially Islamic ones are openly and boldly threatening our very existence, the nationalist and patriotic forces are awefully busy in infighting and that too without an iota of shame. May the Almighty save us from the coming dangers whose black shadows have started casting since long.


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