Sunday, July 25, 2010

Open letter to congress

We know that you want to appease minority, your UPA chairperson wanted Noble prize for peace for making friendship with Pakistan. Your Prime Minister wanted to go down in history as a noble man who fed terrorists in five start prison.

If you want to achieve that - arrest more sadhus and sadhvis, destroy sethu, blast temples, decrease the seats for Hindus in Educational institutions, Anull promotions for all Hindus, (you guys know what is the best). BUT PLEASE PLEASE DON'T PRAISE TERRORISTS - DON'T MAKE THEM HEROES . Thousands of lives have been lost to arrest a terrorist. They were not Hindu / Christian lives they were INDIAN lives. Many kids lost thier fathers so that other kids can have theirs. Many women have lost their Sons as our Sons and Daughters can live. Think about it!
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