Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hybrid vs Hussien Obama

When you thought the controversy over ‘Hussien’ in Barack Obama has died down, you are in for a surprise. The ‘hussien’ is very much back. This time for opposing Hybrid cars.

Thread to Islam

Hybrid cars from Toyotta were a direct threat to Islam. The major source of radical Islamic nations is from oil. Any shift in dependency on oil will alter the balance for these countries. Some of these countries shunned the introduction of Hybrid vehicles and have imposed heavy taxes on them. They were also against Fuel cells and alternative sources of energy.

Growing suspicion

There is a strong feeling that Obama administrations strong posture against Toyotta is beyond safety of citizens. If it is a safety concern then Toyotta has already done the damage control; it has recalled millions of vehicles and have issued notices to all service shops for overhauling.

Is Obama trying to save a religion? With congressional elections not far away. Americans show more of betrayal of trust by the Democratic government!

See also United States to Split into Six Countries

Beware of Pastors

Jamie: Mom! I am going to playground

Mother: Which one Jamie?

Jamie: The one near the Church

Mother: Be careful son! If the ball goes into Church compound don’t get inside.

Jamie: Don’t worry Mom! I will ask the Pastor’s permission before venturing in.

Mother: Who? Pastor! No No Son.. please don’t go near him; don’t eat anything if he gives, don't talk to him, don't hear his words. Stay Away. Call the police if he asks you to come inside church and run back home.  Jesus! Save the boys from Pastors
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