Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Karunanidhi – A failed politician, administrator and leader

Five decades in politics - Chief Minister of a state for fifth term - Leader of the biggest party in Tamil Nadu – Karunanidhi should be proud of his achievements personally. But he has nothing to be proud of as a politician, administrator and a leader.

As politician he has lost credibility long back in aligning with caste parties. His non-inclusive approach has made Tamil Nadu a worst state in social justice.

As an administrator he failed miserably. After being chief minister for the five terms he couldn’t improve the livelihood for his state citizens. Tamilians depend or Re1 Kg (5 cents) rice whereas other states like Punjab are well-off. I

As a leader he couldn’t improve neither the prospect of his party nor people. His flip-flops in LTTE issue for the past two decades costed lakhs of Tamil lives in Sri Lanka.

The octogenarian who should have been the most popular leader of Tamil, but is at the cross roads as the worst leader of Tamils if not a traitor.

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