Saturday, April 16, 2016

Kanjamalai, Salem - Siddheshwarar Temple

Siddhar Temple in Kanjamalai, Salem - Chitra Pournami 

Kanjamalai is a hill located 14 km west of Salem District of Tamil NaduIndia
There is a Siddhar temple on the hill and there is also a Murugan temple. The shiva temple is called Siddheshwarar Temple. It seems Kalangi Nathar (guru of Bhogar) has lived here and was also called as Kanja Malai Siddhar

There is a belief that many Siddhars still live there and on Chitra Pournami they perform special abhishekam and poojas near the waterfalls and Siddheswarar temple. They then worship Lord Shiva in the form of Stars (Kanjamalai Nakshtras) and circumambulate the mountain 

The Stars can be seen on Chitra Pournami from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am and fade away. That's Siddhars Girivalam 

The estimated terrain elevation above sea level is about 643 metres. 

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  1. This Kanjamalai temple is praised by St TiruGnana Sambanthar and there is a Lord Subramania temple on foothills

    Lord Subramania is believed to be sung in Skanda Guru Kavasam (Kanjamalai Siddhar Guru)


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