Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jabali Maharishi - Devil's Advocate in Ramayan

Jabali Maharishi: "O, Rama! As one who passes the a strange village spends the night the and the next day leaves that place and continues his journey, so are mother, father, home and possessions to a man; they are but a resting place. The wise do not become attached to them. O, chief of men! You as such should not abandon your father's kingdom in order to dwell in a lonely forest, that is excruciating hard to traverse and full of thorny thickets. Get yourself crowned in the prosperous kingdom of Ayod
hya. That city is waiting for you, with your locks duly unfound."  (http://www.valmikiramayan.net/ayodhya/sarga108/ayodhya_108_prose.htm)

Lord Shri Ram:

"Gift sacrifice, oblation, austerities performed and the scriptural texts have the foundation in Truth. Hence, one should thoroughly surrender to truth. One rules over the world. One develops a race. One sinks into hell . One rises high to heaven (according to one's degree of truthfulness practiced). I am true to my promise. Why should I not fulfill the command of my father, who was a devotee of truth?"


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