Monday, March 18, 2013

Jai Somnath - Inspiration for Advani, Ayodhya and India

What inspired Indians to rebuild Somnath each and every time it was razed down?

These days HR Managers find it very tough to keep the morale high for their employees. They say it's very tough job! If someone is in monotonous job he/she feels frustrated. If this is the case for a Paid Assignment, Think of what should have inspired lakhs of people to construct Somnath temple, every time some barbarian destroyed it. K.M. Munshi's book - Jai Somnath explains what could be the reasons!

After L K Advani was flushed out of Sindh after partition, Jai Somanth was one of the very first Hindi Books he read. He was inspired by the dedication and commitment of fellow Indians in rebuilding (multiple times) the Somnath. He realized that Freedom is not mere Independence from British; it is to uphold the value, the pride of India's rich culture

The inspiration kindled the hopes of Ayodhya movement. Ram is the epitome for an Indian and deserves a temple at Ayodhya!

The Rath Yatra, which Advaniji undertook decades back will hopefully have an answer! Jai Shree Ram!

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