Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hyderabad - India’s Terror Capital

Hyderabad - India’s Terror Capital

Not long ago, Hyderabad was termed as the Information Technology capital of India, which I still believe it is. Hyderabad has world class airport, well-laid roads (selective amnesia on driving sense), good internet connectivity, hang-around spots blah blah ... I know some will still prefer Bangalore over Hyderabad, but Hyderabad pips Bangalore on many points. Let us accept the fact – here is a city that can be made as an IT destination of South Asia.

Last four-five years the image of the vibrant city has been marred by terrorist sleeper cells. Two out of every three terrorists caught in India have links to Hyderabad. What transformed the city to be a hot bed of terrorists?

Vicaruddin – the noted terrorist with connections to HuJI is spotted in many places in old city; in pan shops, in bakeries etc- yet the Police for some reasons couldn’t catch him. In the last two years, he and his accomplices have shot dead three-four policemen in multiple incidents in Hyderabad alone. Sad that even Pakistan, the terror sponsor, is overpowering Taliban in SWAT valley but Indian Government is silent on the Hyderabad Terror hub.

If Terrorists at home are not eliminated there is no use in setting up NSG Hubs, equipping public places with Sensors etc. The government should understand that Prevention is better than Cure. Dear Prime Minister, please don’t react to bomb blasts! Act before they happen!!

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  1. I think this post is overstated.. U cannot generalize because of few incidents. and term hyd as the terror capital..

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