Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hyderabad Courier Company refuses ‘Pink Chaddi’ Parcel

The infamous pink chaddi campaign by Delhi girls would have died down but the controversy of cultural differences over the campaign hasn't.

The attention now has turned to Mr Venkatramana Reddy- proprietor of a courier agency in Madhapur, Hyderabad for turning down the customer’s request to send the ‘pink chaddi’ parcel.

This was revealed by an ex-member of Pink Chaddi group, who opted out of the group on ‘ideological’ differences. She said the group in Hyderabad had fifty to sixty members mostly men and didn’t respect the local culture.

When we contacted Venkat he felt proud for refusing the parcel. He spoke plainly – “Sir, if Mutalik behaved like a monster, we need not respond in the same way. The response by ‘Chaddi’ is worst. Many outsiders are encouraging bar culture and like... which is alien to Andhra”. He also said that he had advised the ‘Pink Chaddi’ campaigners to send ‘Rakhi’ if they want.

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  1. Pink Chaddi campaign is vulgar and no sane lady will join it. Some women and many men join the so-called group for lust and fun


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