Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How India double checked for Kasab's Nationality

On 27th Dec 2008, a day after Mumbai attacks, India thoroughly interrogated the youngster duped into terrorism by Islamic elements of Pakistan - Ajmal Amir Iman alias Kasab. They matched with the intelligence reports that he was a Pakistani and hailed from Faridkot.
Kasab - Mumbai Terror Suspect(Kasab - Mumbai Terror Suspect)

He confirmed that he was duped into terrorism by some Insane Islamic elements in the pretext of job offer.

Though India had concrete reports on the terroists nationality (they used high-profile radars to intercept President Zardari's conversation, General Kiyani's orders to ISI etc), they were apprehensive whether technolgically-backward Pakistani brothers will understand this

President Zardari
Ex Maha CM - Mr Deshmukh
Mumbai Police Following Kasab
RamGopal Verma the chief architect.

Hence Deshmukh and RGV had a closed door discussion. After this they directly went to Yerawwada jail and pressed the police to Release Kasab. The police told Kasab that they had caught him because of wrong identity and released him. Kasab walked free out of Jail. But behind the scenes Mumbai Poilce was following him closely.

Kasab first went to a house in Mumbai where he was given some food and dry fruits. Then he was dropped @ Goa by the houseowner. In Goa the intelligence agency cops in disguise of Arab Traders got him on a Vessel and sailed to Karachi. They disguised Kasab as a woman and travelled with him. Innocent Kasab was twice fooled ... once by Islamic Religious Scholars, who in the Pretext of Job opportunity sold him to LeT and now by Indian Intelligence as Arab traders. Kasab finally went to Faridkot with the 'Arab Trader', where he was not allowed inside by Pakistani intelligence officials. The 'Arab trader' bribed Pak intellgence officers to meet Kasab's parents. After a short stay there, the 'Arab trader' took Kasab back to 'safe destination'

The entire video is shot by Ram Gopal Varma, who as 'Arab Trader' took Kasab to
Faridkot and back to India. Hope this proof goes on well with the innocent Pakistan brothers.

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